We are not an app company. ikii is not just an app. Its an attitude.

We seek customers who deeply care about their customers. Companies that are looking to go beyond infrastructure inconsistencies and put their customers at the center of their business and have the courage and conviction to put their business at the fingertips of their customers.

Our team comprises of engineers, creative souls and product priests with a glittering track record. All of us are deeply moved by the ideas and philosophy behind ikii.

We've built a 'ikii' tool for the ever-connected, aesthetics driven, agile and social Super-Organisations of the future. Are You one of them?

Lets talk, if you are.



Saurabh Gupta, CEO | saurabh@phonethics.in

Hrishikesh Kunte, Product Manager | hrishikesh@phonethics.in

Pramod Sharma, Manager – Key Accounts | pramod@phonethics.in