Q. What is iKii?

iKii is a ready to deploy Mobile Application system. It has powerful modules – Interactive updatable Brochures, Prospect Management, Social features and much more - that can be used to manage customer interaction across the purchase cycle and customer lifetime.

Q. What does it do?

In one word – It SIMPLIFIES. For Businesses - The system integrates multiple processes like CRM, Social Media, Loyalty Programs and Mobile access, giving you a simple dashboard to update media and get high level analytics at the snap of button through a single screen. For consumers – A direct connect with the brands and businesses they like and nifty tools like one click purchase & log in access to ownership info [Customer ID, Warranty information etc]

Q. What type of businesses can use iKii?

From large Automobile manufacturers and Real Estate companies to Salons & Restaurants, we’re deploying ikii for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a simple test to check if you need ikii –
1. Do your customers use smartphones?
2. Do you have loyal customers that you care about?
3. Would you like to use the power of mobile apps to speak with your best customers and prospects?
4. Would you like to control the design and content of your mobile app?
5. Do you wish to integrate your social & mobile presence?

Q. Is there a demo?

Yes. Please use this link to download our first implementation for a real estate client.

Q. How much does it cost?

If you’re interested in building a strong brand, here’s a huge opportunity to connect one on one with your audience and tap prospects and referrals defraying the deployment cost quite quickly. This is a revenue earner.

Q. What type of media can be delivered via this system?

Images, Video, Text and even traditional content such as Brochures, warranty cards, product info, serial no, Invoice copies, manuals, training material, faqs, Facebook & Twitter updates can all be delivered through iKii.

Q. What about customer connect?

ikii has an advanced internal communication module that allows you to connect directly with individual customers [and vice versa] in a secure, tracked conversation thread. Apart from this the system also has prospect data capture ability.

Q. Will I have to train / hire new people?

If you can do email, you can manage this system.

Q. What’s the post deployment support offered?

We support each deployment in perpetuity through a dedicated tech support centre that works every week from Monday to Friday. If there’s a glitch, we’ll fix it. What’s more, we will even support any issues that your customers may face while using the App. We’re here, Always.

Q. Great, so where do I begin?

Mail us at iKii@phonethics.in or call us at 6516 0691 for a demo